Tuesday, June 2, 2009

NEWS! + Free workshop Sat. the 6th...

Here is the latest news on Procession of the Species/ Solstice

We have another FREE workshop this Saturday the 6th 9:30- 11:00 at the Goodman Community Center. Demo. of clay model mask making! Hands-on cardboard sculpture!

I had a meeting with Betty from Starkweather creek about Solstice/ Procession of the Species. A few things are now set:

Day of solstice puppet and maskmaking ( with Meghan from Absolutely Art providing art supplies and helpers) beginning at 2 pm.

The Procession will begin at 6 pm

The bonfire will be at 9 (or dusk)

Here's where we're at with Procession:

Large puppets made and in progress:
deer with flowering antlers

and many other small scale masks of all kinds of creatures...

This Saturday the 6th from 9:30- 11:00 am at the Goodman center we will work on some clay sculpture masks. I will demonstrate making a clay model and covering it with paper mache to make a mask. I am going to be making one of Charles Darwin!

We talked about having a reprise from last year of a horn dance or some other musical component. The procession to the bonfire site also needs some structure or narrative- we discussed starting at the waters edge... ideas? We would love to have anyone else jump in with concepts... Feel free to post comments on the blog!

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