Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Procession of the Species 2009!

Thanks to all who participated in our first Procession of the Species!
It was a smashing success!
The day started out rainy and gloomy, and we thought we might be rained out- but thank goodness the weather cleared just in time.
We had many friends new and old come to our tent and make or finish masks for the parade. The giant puppets of Darwin, the deer, the sun, the flatworm, bear and the owl all looked so beautiful, especially when surrounded by so many other creatures. Drummers provided a cadence for us to process to. Attendance was estimated at around 300 at peak- wow!
Thanks to everyone for being a part of this event. Next year will be bigger and better. Please stay in touch throughout the year and get involved in next year's Procession of the Species.

If you would like a tee shirt and didn't get one- we still have some left. Please contact us.

If you have photos or videos to share- I want to start a flickr pool (label- MadProcession/ or Procession of the Species Madison) Please contact me if you have photos and video- I am still compiling footage. I want to hold a post- event get together to watch footage and plan for next year- I will be posting details soon.

New Photos on flickr!:


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  1. What an awesome turnout! The puppets look fantastic!